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Since 1922, the Joseph A. Ferko String Band has been entertaining audiences the world over. A participant in Philadelphia's annual Mummers Parade, the Ferko String Band boasts the most successful record in the history of the parade. With more first prize finishes than any other band and placing in the top 5 a remarkable 87 out of 95 parades, the Ferko String Band is a model of consistency and professionalism.

From New York to France, New Orleans to Italy, Texas to Hong Kong, and all points in between, the Ferko String Band has performed with its unique sound and elaborate costumes to people all over the world. Audiences of all ages sing and dance to the sights and sounds that are unique to the Ferko String Band.

Our Captains

Thomas D'Amore

2016 - Present

Anthony Celenza

2008 - 2016

Phil Rotindo

2000 - 2008

Bill Speziale

1980 - 1999

Joe Blass

1969 - 1979

Curtis V. Steur

1966 - 1968

Joseph A. Ferko

1922 - 1964

In respect to Joe Ferko and his distinguished career as a Mummer and leader of the Joseph A. Ferko String Band, the band marched without a Captain on January 1, 1965. This was the only time the Joseph A. Ferko String Band marched without a Captain.

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Add a touch of Philly's heritage to your next event. Philadelphia String Bands are as much a part of the Philly tradition as cheesesteaks, soft pretzels and the Liberty Bell. The Ferko String Band embodies the best of Philadelphia string bands. Ferko's musicianship continues to win the highest awards on New Year's Day, and their showmanship for an event is memorable. The Ferko String Band provides entertainment for all types of events, including an intimate 5-piece band for small venues and building up to a full band for stage shows and parades.

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Located just minutes from Interstate 95 and the bridges to New Jersey, Ferko's newly renovated clubhouse is the perfect setting for your next gathering. With enough room for up to 75 people and a full kitchen, we can even make catering recommendations for a budget that suits your needs!

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